‘Arrow:’ A Fan Argues It’s Time To End Oliver and Sara’s Relationship

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I feel like this is therapy regarding a show I started to watch in the last 2 1/2 months. I love Arrow. I really don’t have anything bad to say about the awesome people that run it i.e. actors, execs, directors, creators and writers. But I do have a slight issue with the Oliver and Sara relationship. But not for the reasons some might suspect (I’m a huge Oliver and Felicity fan).

I’m hoping that this Oliver and Sara business is going to be over semi-soon. I don’t know about others but I have a serious issue with the moral of that relationship. And how last week’s episode had Laurel apologizing to Sara when she had no reason to.

Let’s get this straight. She was with a guy for sometime and found out after his boat capsized and all were feared dead that he and her sister were going behind her back and having sex. Said guy comes back alive and she sleeps with him once. Tommy dies.

Now more recently, Laurel finds out her sister has been alive this whole time. But that’s not the kicker. As a welcome home dinner of sorts she has to see that “look” between Oliver and Sara during that dinner and realizes their together. Then Laurel and Oliver get into it. She blames him for things have gone wrong in her life. Then he starts laying into her and taking no responsibly for anything he’s done in the past but instead pushing everything on her and says that he’s “done” with her.

Later, Laurel then goes to Verdant and apologizes and makes up with Sara.

How many people out there would apologize and forgive so damn quickly. I can answer that, none!

-KE Barrett
Twitter: @_kebarrett

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