‘Vampire Diaries:’ Fan Contributor Says It’s Time To Let Stefan Move On From Elena — Do You Agree?

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I am writing because I am a huge Vampire Diaries fan. I’ve loved the show since the beginning and I loved the triangle of Stefan, Damon and Elena.

That being said we are now over 5 years into the show and the triangle is what is killing it at this point. The show needs to finally allow the character of Stefan to fully move on. Damon and Elena belong together. It’s that simple in my opinion. They are more alike, he makes her feel more alive. I go back to the flashback scene of when they first met and how Damon knew Elena better at that point then she knew herself. Everything he stated about what she was looking for when it came to love was true. It also described him perfectly. They are a perfect match.

Stefan wants a “good” version of Katherine which is what he thought Elena was. The minute she became a vampire and was no longer his sweet, innocent Elena (which I don’t believe she ever was) he found faults in her. He did the same with Katherine. These days it feels like the writers just worry about fan service where the triangle is concerned. They will throw some Stefan and Elena scenes in there to keep their fans happy. It’s ruining the characters. I don’t know if they realize it but it is.

Stefan is written into a corner and they need to write him out of it. Let him be happy and move to someone else. Caroline works very well with him. Damon and Elena are the couple that stand out in this show. They have the passion, chemistry and true honesty needed to make a relationship work. It’s time to let the childish love story of Stefan and Elena go and let the show move on and go back to being a what it once was. A great hour of television every Thursdays.

— Nay
Twitter: @tamjonfan

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