‘HIMYM:’ Our Fan Contributor Argues Why The Mother Must Be Alive

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Am I the only one who actually thought that [on the last episode of How I Met Your Mother] Ted could have been crying about his own Mother who couldn’t go to his wedding because she most likely passed away or was sick?

The whole show is based on how Ted met the Mother and Ted’s kids are still teenagers (despite the fact that David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca are older than their TV counterparts). Would the two kids really be sitting on a couch to hear about their mother who has already passed away?

Ted spent all this time looking for his one and only for that one and only to pass away is kind of sad. Although, there have been some hints (or whatever the fans like to call it) about the Mother, the idea of it is just heartbreaking. Fans are probably expecting a heart-warming series finale like how Friends ended.

Can we hope that the tearjerker in the episode and series finale is that Robin somehow by some miracle was able to have a baby (even though we found out seasons ago she couldn’t have one) or that her and Barney decide to adopt? Even I fell for that small scene last week where Robin and Barney found themselves waking up to a baby crying only for it to be it someone else’s baby and someone else’s room. These two would make awesome (says this in a Barney tone) parents and seeing them with a kid and baby of their own would bring tears to my eyes.

In the midst of it all, I don’t think the Mother is dead. The whole basis of the show is how Ted met the Mother and how he finally found the one who would be there for him.

We can’t deny that the chemistry between the Ted and the Mother in the flash forwards is just too cute. It’s going to be sad that with all these glimpses of these two is that she’s somehow already passed away in the future.

After the 200th episode (which was incredibly & beautifully written), where Ted and the Mother were so close to each other, we can’t help but hope that when the show ends these two will spend a lifetime together with their coin collections, calligraphy sets, love for Renaissance Fairs and seeing their kids going off to college and getting married on their own.

The 200th episode proved that the show isn’t just about how Ted met the Mother but also how the Mother met Ted. These two spent about 9 years trying to find each other and after everything they’ve been through it would be sad to know that one of them passes away in end.

— Rachel
Twitter: @TVDTvMovieFan

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