‘Star-Crossed’ Fan Contributor: 4 Reasons You Should Start Watching The New CW Drama

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The CW has been on a winning streak lately with series like Arrow and Reign making major headlines for the network. The streak continues with the premiere of Star-Crossed—the new fantasy teen drama centering on — you guessed it — star-crossed romances and relationships. Take it from someone that’s been rooting for the CW even through the hard times (still not sure what Cult was all about) you won’t want to miss this one!

1. Basically enough twists and turns to keep up with Pretty Little Liars.
For a show that’s only four episodes in (which totally makes it easy to play catch up!) the amount of drama already happening is pretty intense. I usually don’t get too invested in a show until about halfway into the season, but so far every episode has left me wanting more. You find out early on who is playing for what team, who is pretending to play for what team, and who is flat out evil. In a nut shell, the twisted plotlines do not disappoint!

2. Eye candy for days.
It’s safe to say it’s a requirement to be insanely good looking with rock hard abs to even be considered as a cast member. With Matt Lanter (90210), Grey Damon (The Secret Circle, Twisted), Greg Finley (Secret Life of the American Teenager), and newcomer Jesse Lukin rounding out the cast, Star-Crossed totally hit the hottie jackpot!

3. Sci-fi done right.
It seems every new show nowadays has some sort of supernatural creature or fantasy plot line, some tank immediately and some perfectly illustrate the fiction characters. Star-Crossed does just that by introducing ‘Atrians’ who are alien/human creatures trying to fit into high school and every day human life. If these creatures aren’t your thing the forbidden love, beef between the Atrians and humans, and lots of backstabbing will keep you interested.

4. Reminiscence on your old faves.
Ever watch a new show and find yourself saying “that actor is from something else?” Expect to ask yourself that for 43 minutes straight after watching the pilot. Matt Lanter, aka Liam from 90210, will have you wishing you were back at West Bev and female lead Aimee Teagarden is totally going to have you begging for that Friday Night Lights movie reunion. Plus, Malese Jow who plays Aimee’s sidekick was once a love interest for Jeremy on The Vampire Diaries. Oh, and not to mention this is totally Grey Damon’s redemption after the not-so-happy ending for The Secret Circle.

So what do you think, will you be giving Star-Crossed a chance? From one TV fan to another, you won’t be disappointed.

— Fan Contributor Natalie Pirzad
Twitter: @woahitsnatalie

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