‘Glee’ Look Back: Best Storyline? Biggest Twist? Weakest Character? Nominate!

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Next Tuesday marks the beginning of Glee’s 100th episode two-part spectacular! Can you believe it’s been almost 100 episodes since those ragtag musical misfits from New Directions sang their way into our hearts with their addicting anthem of resilience known as “Don’t Stop Believing”? We hope you brought a light sweater, because we’re about to take a stroll down memory lane.

Our excitement level for Glee’s 100th episode is reaching dangerously high octaves of anticipation. Help us keep our toe-tapping nostalgia to a minimum by providing us with a few of your most memorable Glee moments from the first 97 episodes. Leave your answers to the superlatives below in the comments section, and we’ll compile a list of your favorite moments in a Glee-centric post we’ll run next Tuesday to celebrate the beginning of Glee 100.

Ready, set, slushie!

The Glee 100

What was your favorite twist?

Which love triangle was most intriguing?

What was your favorite musical moment?

What was your favorite Rachel and Finn moment?

What was your favorite Glee quote?

Your all-time favorite episode so far?

What was your favorite Glee cover?

A storyline you could you have done without?

A character you could you have done without?

Favorite guest-star?

Favorite Will Schuester scene?

What was your favorite Kurt and Blaine moment?

Best season so far?

Tell us in the comments!

We’re only one week away from the beginning of Glee 100! The two part 100th episode spectacular airs March 18th and March 25th.

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