Why Season 25 Of MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Is Guaranteed To Be The Best Ever

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MTV’s fan-favorite show The Challenge returns April 10th, and mark our words: It’s going to rock!

Here’s why watching twenty-eight cast members battling it out for $350,000 in South America is going to be television gold:


1. Say goodbye to alliances.

The official name for this season is “The Challenge: Free Agents,” so it’ll be survival of the fittest (literally). On a show where the word “alliance” is said at least 25 times an episode, this departure is sure to shake things up.


2.  It will be a purely athletic completion.

When the show first aired, it was supposed to be an athletic competition, but due to alliances and people being paired with strong partners, the format enabled not-so-great competitors to skate by [See: Preston, Devyn, Katie]. Well, not anymore.

“After each challenge the winners select one guy and one girl to fight for their spot in the game while the losers must take part in the biggest elimination twist in challenge history — the DRAW, where one guy and one girl are selected by pure chance to face the two players nominated by the day’s winners,” MTV said in a statement about the upcoming season.

So that’s right—no amount of strategy will save weak competitors. The best athletes will prevail!


3. All your favorite cast members are back.

The 25th season features a good mix of fan-favorite veterans and rookies. Veterans like CT, Johnny Bananas, Frank, Anessa, and Laurel can always be counted on for some good old fashion drama. But the new rookies thrown into the mix (like the extremely volatile Nia from RW Portland) are sure to give the seasoned cast members a run for their money.  However, MTV is still crushing everyone’s dreams by not having the dream team of Kenny, Evan, and Johnny on the same season!

Watch a sneak peak of Free Agents below and check out the full cast list here!


Who is your favorite The Challenge: Free Agents cast member?


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