Which ‘Glee’ Couple Is Your All-Time Favorite? VOTE! (Now Updated With Finalists)

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UPDATE: The final nominees are in! Vote for your favorite couple in the poll below!

The countdown is on to Glee 100! Earlier this week we asked you to share some of your favorite Glee moments with us, and now we’re requesting your help in determining the all-time best Glee couple. Are you a fan of the tender romance shared between Rachel and Finn? Maybe your favorite duet both on and off stage is Blaine and Kurt? Emma and Will, Brittany and Santana, Tina and Mike, there are an abundance of romantic permutations to choose from!

Take heed, Weepy the Vest Clowns (never change, Sue!), there’s no wrong way to nominate a couple. Perhaps you shipped the undeniable chemistry of the short-term coupling of Rachel and Puck? Perfect. Perhaps your romantic allegiance lies with Puck and Quinn? Gravy. Pure, gleeful gravy. All we need you to do is leave your nominee in the comments section and we’ll create a poll allowing us to definitively answer the question “Who’s the all-time best Glee couple?”

Nominate away, Glee fans. Remember, we’re all just looking for “Somebody to Love.”


Nominate your favorite musical twosome in the comments section, and then check back later to vote on the all-time best Glee couple!

UPDATE: You nominated, now it’s time to vote. We scoured the comments section and social media to find out which couples you wanted to see in the top four. Check out the finalists here and vote for your all-time favorite pairing in the poll!

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