Can You Pair The Celebrity With The Artist Who Sang About Them?

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It’s no secret that celebrities are obsessed with… well, other celebrities.

From David Bowie’s “Andy Warhol” to the more recent Gorillaz jam “Clint Eastwood,” musicians have been idolizing their favorite celebs in songs for decades.

In fact, there are so many songs with a celebrity’s name as the title, that we came up with a fun little game: Can you match the celebrity with the artist who sang about them?

Here’s how it works: The name of each celebrity pictured in the “Song Title” pool is the title of a real song. Somewhere in the “Artist” pool is the celebrity singer or group who wrote the song. Can you match them up?

For example, “Johnny Cash” was a hit song written by Jason Aldean in 2007.

Good luck! (Answers are below, no cheating!)

Give up? Here are the answers.

(left-to-right, top-to-bottom from the “Song Title” pool).
1. “Donald Trump,” by Mac Miller (2011)

2. “Springsteen,” by Eric Church (2012)

3. “Johnny Cash,” by Jason Aldean (2007)

4. “Barbara Streisand,” by Duck Sauce (2010)

5. “Halle Berry (She’s Fine),” by Hurricane Chris (2009)

6. “Buddy Holly,” by Weezer (1994)

7. “Tim McGraw,” by Taylor Swift (2006)

8. “Steve McQueen,” by Sheryl Crow (2002)

9. “James Franco,” by Hoodie Allen (2011)

10. “Ray Charles,” by Chiddy Bang (2011)

11. “Tom Ford,” by Jay Z (2013)

12. “Marilyn Monroe,” by Nicki Minaj (2012)

What did we miss? Tell us about your favorite celeb-themed jam in the comments below!

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