Did Miley Cyrus Really Get An Emoji Tattooed On Her Lip?

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Well, that had to hurt. Miley Cyrus took to Instagram late last week to debut what appears to be her newest tattoo: A sad kitty emoji on the inside of her bottom lip.

Though Cyrus, 21, has her share of tats — see here and here — the sad kitty might just be her boldest addition yet.


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Of course, the “Wrecking Ball” singer is hardly the first young celeb to get a headline-worthy tattoo. From Ariana Grande to Justin Bieber, here are 5 more young Hollywood singers with interesting ink.

Ariana Grande

Grande, 21, may want to be more like Miley Cyrus, but she apparently draws the line at emoji tattoos. Though Grande did unveil new ink last week (just like Miley!), she opted for an imprint with a little more gravitas. Her tattoo says: “mille tendresse,” which is a French phrase featured in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s that means “a thousand tendernesses.”

Justin Bieber

Is Banksy a Bieber fan? The graffiti artist recently posted a photo of Bieber with a tat that resembles one of his iconic pieces. Controversial indeed.

Demi Lovato

The 21-year-old singer had birds in flight and the word “faith” inked on her arm last year.

Harry Styles


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Harry Styles, 20, sent One Direction fans into a tizzy when he posted this shirtless photo to show off this tat.

Ed Sheeran


Believe it or not, Miley isn’t the first celeb to get a cat tattoo. Ed Sheeran, 23, actually has Puss in Boots on his arm. The singer told MTV that it relates to a song he wrote for Shrek. Adds Sheeran: “Plus, I like cats.”

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