And The Winner Of The All-Time Favorite ‘Glee’ Couple Poll Is…

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Today is the day, Gleeks! After months of anticipation the march towards Glee’s 100th episode commences tonight as current and former members of New Directions reunite to reinvent their favorite past performances. Last week we asked you to nominate your favorite Glee couples to help us determine your all-time favorite romantic duet. After combing through all your wonderful gleetastic comment, we narrowed it down to the following four couples:

1. Rachel & Finn

2. Kurt & Blaine

3. Quinn & Puck

4.  Brittany & Santanta

After carefully calculating your votes, we are proud to officially announce the couple you the fans selected as your all-time favorite Glee couple: Brittany & Santana!

Via Tumblr

Via Tumblr

Brittana (or Santittany) fans accounted for more than 50% of the total votes, while Kurt and Blaine finished close behind with a shade over 41%. Early season couples Rachel and Finn as well as Quinn and Puck finished third and fourth respectively, only receiving a combined 4% of total votes.

Well done, Brittana fans! Feel free to rejoice in your win with a choreographed, celebratory dance!

Let’s take a leisurely stroll down lyrical lane as we revisit one of our favorite musical moments between your all-time favorite Glee couple: Santana’s performance of Taylor Swift’s “Mine” from the season four episode aptly titled “The Break-Up.”

Sit back, perhaps snack on some Fondue For Two, and enjoy the performance!

The wait is over! The first of Glee’s two-part 100th episode airs tonight on Fox.

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