Glee ‘100:’ Best Twists, Love Triangles, Performances, And More As Ranked By Fans

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Wow! We asked you to tell us your favorite moments in Glee history, and you responded…. Faithfully. We scoured through all your comments to crown the most popular twists, love triangles, and more from the first 99 episodes of Glee. You may have 99 problems, but a lack of an all new episode of Glee tonight is definitely not one.

Prepare for tonight’s monumental 100th episode with a look back at some of your favorite moments from the first five seasons!

What was your favorite twist?

More like favorite twists! The students of McKinley High love to keep us guessing, don’t they? From Quinn’s car crash to Sam’s homelessness to Finn and Rachel’s unexpected season three breakup, Glee rarely misses an opportunity to surprise its faithful fans. We received many Kurt-centric votes, but your two most surprising twists seem to be Kurt and Blaine’s steamy car hookup from the fourth season episode “I Do,” and longtime Kurt tormenter David Karofsky’s surprising revelation that he’s gay.

Which love triangle was most intriguing?

According to your votes, the most popular love triangle was: “We hate love triangles!” The early season trio of Rachel, Finn, and Quinn along with Kurt, Blaine, and Sebastian also received quite a few votes.

What was your favorite musical moment?

While the New Directions classic “Don’t Stop Believing” and Kurt and Blaine’s rendition of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” received their fair share of votes, Glee fans can’t seem to get enough of Kurt and Blaine’s Moulin Rouge! inspired version of “Come What May.”

What was your favorite Rachel and Finn moment?

The three scenes mentioned the most in the comments section are a perfect amalgamation of the Rachel and Finn relationship. Finn’s “endgame” speech from “I Do,” their emotional season three breakup, and Finn presenting Rachel with a star named after himself all rank among fan’s favorite moments.

Rachel: “You named a star after me?”

Finn: “No. I thought about that, but then I named it Finn Hudson, because there’s already a star named Rachel Berry.”

Your all-time favorite episode so far?

With votes still pouring in we’re going to call it a tie between season two’s “Original Song” and season five’s charming episode “Love Love Love!”

What was your favorite Glee cover?

Choosing only one song out of hundreds of classic Glee covers is no easy task, but despite fierce competition Blaine’s rendition of “Teenage Dream” was voted your favorite Glee cover.

Favorite guest star?

Despite receiving some serious competition from Adam Lambert, you chose White Collar’s Matt Bomer, aka Cooper Anderson, as your favorite guest-star.

Favorite Will Schuester scene?

Gleeks were unsurprisingly split on the ever divisive character of Will Schuester. Many fans voted for the verbal jousting between Will and Sue, as well as various Will and Emma milestones. The number one Will Schuester moment, however, was his heartbreaking emotional display during the final scene of Glee’s most poignant episode, “The Quarterback.”

What was your favorite Kurt and Blaine moment?

The proposal!

What’s your absolute favorite Glee moment from the past 99 episodes?

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