‘Glee’ 100: 5 Favorite Moments

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Glee 100 is officially in the books! Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristin Chenoweth, and Chase Crawford dropped by as former members of New Directions returned to perform a few of their old favorites, and rekindle some old high school romances.

Love, music, and a whole lot of insults came together for one historic episode. Let’s recap, shall we? Here are the 5 best moments from Glee 100!

1. Rachel, Mercedes, and Kurt take turns “Defying Gravity.”

In the world of Glee, there’s no problem that a good ol’ fashioned diva-off can’t solve — just like real life except the exact opposite. In the end, Rachel and Mercedes’ diva-off resulted in a tie as Kurt more than likely shrugged his shoulders and mouthed “over it.”

“Before we cast another pointless vote in a meaningless contest that has absolutely no practical ramifications whatsoever…” — A classic Santana zinger

2. The wonderful return of Brittany Pierce

“I need to focus on what I’m good at: quantitative algorithms. And if there is any time left in the day, hosting my popular internet talk show.”

It was so nice to watch a brand new episode of Fondue For Twofeaturing Rachel, Mercedes, and two amorous felines.

3. Sue Sylvester: Undisputed Queen of the Perfect Insult

“Will Schuester’s profligate spending and his penchant for staging elaborate private bacchanalia replete with extravagant scenery and costumes not seen since the reign of Caligula. I have here a line item budget of the jungle set you constructed on stage a few weeks back so the glee club could perform a Katy Perry song *literally* for just you.”

Love. Love. Love.

4. Puck and Quinn reunite.

After Puck reverts back to his old human dumpster disposing ways, he proves his closet Dawson’s Creek allegiance by pulling a Pacey Witter and imploring Quinn to “ask him to stay.” After a few seconds of soul searching, Quinn runs after Puck, plants a kiss, and softly says “stay.” Her voice, however, did not rise which would denote a question, so it appears as if she didn’t ask him to stay insomuch as she commanded him to stay. Like a dog. Don’t treat people like dogs, Quinn.

Nevertheless, a happy, one might even say gleeful, ending!

5. Santana & Brittany perform “Valerie.”

Santanta’s energetic rendition of “Valerie” receives this last musical spot over Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Happy” due to the hypnotically intoxicating dance moves of one Mr. Mike Chang.

Mike Chang: Asian dancer *shakes hand*

What did you think of Glee’s 100th episode? Are you excited for next week’s episode?
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