Watch Emma Stone Cry Over Spice Girls Surprise

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Emma Stone received quite a surprise during her recent Australia promotional tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2: a personalized message from a Spice Girl! The actress’ love for the ’90s girl group was on full display when former Spice Girl Mel B appeared via a pre-taped message and thanked Stone for being such a passionate Spice Girls fan.

Stone, who was brought to tears earlier in the broadcast by the mere mention of Mel B’s name, was besides herself with emotion when she actually saw the message. Emma Stone and starstruck?

Celebrities: They really are just like us!

Since Stone’s favorite Spice Girl was Baby, Mel B had no choice but to “punish” the young actress by making her perform a Spice Girls song at the end of the interview. Which song did Stone choose? Take a look!

First off, we’ll say what everybody else is thinking: Stone is the personification of the word adorable. She just seems like the type of person who would surprise you with a frozen yogurt “just because.” Second, we admire her enthusiasm as it relates to all things Spice Girls. While her rendition of “Wannabe” could certainly benefit from a bit of vocal tinkering, we believe she would make an excellent member of the group were they to ever reunite again.

Now that “Wannabe” is firmly entrenched in your head, we’ll save you a trip to Google.

What do you think? Would Emma Stone make a good Spice Girl?

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