5 Things You Can Expect At Your Wedding, As Told By Shakira

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When Shakira gets cold feet, she lights herself on fire.

The Voice coach released the video for “Empire” on Tuesday, the second single off her recently released self-titled album. The video chronicles a typical day in the life of Shakira as she arrives at her wedding, changes her mind, ditches the event, and ends up rocking out in a black dress in a barren cathedral.

Although just a tad bit wacky, the video serves as a practical guide for what you can expect at your marriage bash, from your arrival to your own personal dance party.



1. Mentally prepare yourself for the fact that there won’t be a groom. 

You will only have a few precious seconds to decide what to do before your guests see the look of absolute horror on your face. 

2. If you get cold feet, ditch your shoes run through an adjacent field with your dress fluttering in the wind behind you. Sadly, it most likely won’t be as spectacular as Shakira’s escape. (Where is she anyway? Colombia? Spain? Narnia?!)

3. If you choose to stay at the church after ditching your own wedding, you can still make a huge spectacle by lighting yourself on fire.

4. Once your guests are gone, change into a more comfortable black dress and have your own personal dance party to let all those nerves out. 

Careful though, all that hair whipping could throw your back out. 

5. And, as always at the conclusion of every good wedding, twirl around in your dark cape until a swirling mass of cosmic energy forms above your head. No one will blame you for sorcery, this is your day after all!

Now that you know what to expect on your big day, watch the video in its entirety.

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