‘Veronica Mars’ Cast Reveals Whether They Ship Veronica With Logan Or Piz — VIDEO

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Calling all Veronica Mars fans and amateur gumshoes! We here at People’s Choice are channeling our inner V-Mars in an attempt to crack one of the most polarizing pop culture conundrums since the case of Rachel vs. Ross vs. on-a-break; we are of course referring to Logan vs. Piz. Back in the CW days, when we were watching Veronica banter her way through Neptune’s nefarious underbelly from the comfort of our living room, support for articulate rebel Logan Echolls was almost universal, but what a difference a fan-funded movie makes. Since the release of the new Veronica Mars movie, Logan’s once unwavering support has softened and the music enthusiast with a heart of gold known as Piz finds himself with some Veronica Mars shippers of his own.

We know who we ship, but we wanted to find out where the cast of Veronica Mars’ allegiances lie. Take a look at this exclusive People’s Choice video in which the stars of the Veronica Mars movie reveal their true thoughts on the saga of Logan vs. Piz.


No votes for Team Duncan? Or Team Deputy Leo? Not one single member of Team Dick Casablancas?


Jason Dohring succinctly summarized the only mystery Veronica can’t quite solve: “I think there’s a case to be made for both. If she wants a good guy who will take care of her it’s Piz, but if you want a little higher highs and lower lows it’s me.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

We now know who the cast ships, but what about you? Are you on Team Logan or Team Piz?

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