‘Vampire Diaries’ Fan Contributor: Why Everyone Is Team Donovan

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“Sometimes it pays to be the only normal one in a town of vampires. I’m practically invisible”: Saint Donovan

For all intents and purposes, the next time you utter “life is unfair to me” think twice. The man holding an Oscar trophy, awarded by me, for this is none other than our Mr. Matt Donovan, oops, let me correct myself, Saint Donovan, who is as pure as the driven snow. Set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, the only human left in the town is this bus boy. The Vampire Diaries may be an imaginary tale but not this baby blue-eyed, teddy blonde-haired, mystic-grill boy. No. I refuse to believe that.


Those who have been following the show would indisputably agree that it doesn’t matter which fandom you’re in, you remain Team Donovan the whole time. He is such a tragedy king that even acts by Mr. Bean and Charlie Chaplin would fall short in making him smile once he bursts into tears [once is such an understatement]. In fact, in my opinion, while filming emotional scenes, actors should be given a thesis on Matt’s romantic history instead of glycerin, it’ll explode their tear gates wide open like no drop of any cosmetic could. Thrice, no actually four times, he has come within a whisker of being in a relationship, the last one being with the psycho daughter of Katherine Pierce, and every time misfortune struck.

In Indian cinema in earlier times, the mother of the hero used to shed tears worrying about her son’s well-being, that legacy is now carried on by Donovan, loved by all but still not exactly “loved;” and this when we are excluding the gloomy details of his dead vampire sister, just resurrected ex-turned-BFF and gone-for-eternity mother. I tell you Matt Donovan’s life story should be taught as a part of disaster management. Students can learn “What not to do” in a normal human life and how not to mess the things up when everything is going smoothly. For this sometimes I feel he is a grown up Ron Weasley.

Coming back to the show, now that even Nadia is dead, I fear the only storyline left for Matty is his life after being turned into a vampire. I don’t want to picture [Matt becoming a vampire] even in my most horrible of nightmares. Though he’d make the cutest vampire, it’s still A BIG NO. He has already qualified for the highest gallantry of honor for achieving the rarest possible feat of having survived for five seasons as a human [excluding dying millions of times in-between and being resurrected with to the Gilbert ring]. Anyways, I am glad that our champ, leading the ever-in-minority humans in Mystic Falls, played a key role in bringing Kat out of the bag, his heroism is understated and so is his very existence sadly. The only request I would like to make to the makers is to please give our eye-candy a meaty storyline ahead, let him grow and for God’s sake no more tears.

P.S: Special mention of [Late] Katherine Pierce for summing up everything about St. Donovan in just one line in “ No Exit”- ‘We all love Matt Donovan. Otherwise, he would’ve been dead a long time ago’.

— Fan Contributor Akanksha
Twitter: @byotifulladee

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