Everything You Need To Know Before The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale In 10 Gifs

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Talk about procrastination! The series finale of How I Met Your Mother is just three days away! If you’ve treated the popular comedy like a term paper and waited until the last minute to begin, don’t worry, People’s Choice is here to provide you with the Cliff’s Notes version of one of the longest television love stories of all-time.

Sit back, relax, and allow us to explain How I Met Your Mother.

It all started when Future Ted decided to tell his kids the epic (9 year!) tale about how he met their mother.

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But, in reality, the majority of How I Met Your Mother is a story about the friendship between five loveable New York City twenty-somethings and eventually, five New York City thirty-somethings. We have the adorably domesticated married couple Marshall and Lilly…

The unpredictable romantic duo of Barney and Robin

And hopeless romantic, Ted Mosby.

Before Ted met the eponymous mother, and long before Robin and Barney ever got together, Ted was sure that he belonged with Robin.

We mean, really sure he belonged with Robin.

But sometimes life has a way of slapping us back to reality… literally…

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Despite the fact that they both had feelings for Robin, Ted and Barney remained bros.

And through all the ups and downs, makeups and breakups, babies, marriages, career crises’, and yes, even slap bets, the prevailing theme of the show was the strong friendship shared between the five characters. As the series finale nears, Lilly and Marshall are happy, Barney and Robin are married, and Ted…

Just kidding. Ted’s quest for love prevailed. Because all the bad first dates, and wading through the never-ending supply of okays, maybes, and “it’s-not-you-it’s-mes” paid off when Ted finally met The Mother.

Will their romantic saga end with a happily ever after? Tune in Monday and watch the series finale on CBS on Monday to find out.


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