We Can’t Stop Watching Samuel L. Jackson’s Slam Poem About ‘Boy Meets World’

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If your knowledge of ’90s sitcoms is a little lack, no worries, Samuel L. J’s got your back.

The Captain America actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform a slam poem about what else, Boy Meets World.

The mood was set as the lights dimmed, the spotlight came on, and The Roots provided a smooth, slow-jazz song. Jackson dawned a beanie and laid down some impressively specific rhymes about everyone’s favorite after-school snack.

The appearance comes as the Disney channel gears up to premiere a BMW spinoff, Girl Meets World, later this year.

Check out five of the best rhymes from the slam below, and then watch the video in its entirety!

1. “The year, 1993, we see two boys who lack both brains and brawn: Cory Matthews and Hunter, ah Hunta’, comma Shawn.”

2. “Topanga, Topanga, Topanga, beats the heart of Cory, a story as old as time, daughter of hippies, name of a gypsy, ‘TOPANGAAA!’ Cory cries.”

3. “The knowledge they gained came not from a witch or a genie, but from a teacher, a neighbor, a mentor, a savior, a man named Mr. Feeny.”

4. “’Do good,’ he says as tears swell. ‘Don’t you mean, do well?’ Topanga stammers, hung up on grammar. He understands her, but no, ‘Do good.’”

5. “As his students file out of the room like children from the womb or spirits from a tomb, Feeny sighs, stares at the empty desks with gloom; takes a moment to recall and reminisce. ‘I love you all,’ he says to himself. Class dismissed.”



What do you think of the poem? Are there any Boy Meets World moments you wish he included?

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