Should You See ‘Captain America’ This Weekend? Here’s What Critics Are Saying!

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Red, white, and wooo! We’re just one day away from the premiere of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Are you excited to watch our favorite patriotic hero join forces with The Black Widow to battle the ever so formidable Winter Soldier? We are, but before we throw down a cool $14 on a ticket and spend another $10 on milk duds (what can we say, we’re big fans of the duds), we want to see what the critics are saying about our favorite captain.

Here are a round-up of reviews regarding Marvel’s latest film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

Variety “Chockfull of the breathless cliffhangers dictated by the genre, but equally rich in the quiet, tender character moments that made the first film unique among recent Marvel fare, “The Winter Soldier” marks a generally assured return to features for sibling helmers Anthony and Joe Russo and should easily keep the franchise gravy train powering through to “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” due next May.” Scott Foundas

Los Angeles Times “For what is frustrating about this “Captain America” is that it’s saddled with the defects of its virtues. It’s a product of the highest quality, but at the end of the day that’s what it is: a machine-made, assembly-line product whose strengths tend to feel like items checked off a master list rather than being the result of any kind of individual creative touch. “Captain America” is everything a big budget superhero film should be — except inspired.”

USA Today “Evans is ideally suited to the role, as dashing and imposing a physical specimen as a hero named Captain America ought to be. Mackie and Redford, newcomers to the universe, are topnotch in this twist-laden sequel.” Claudia Puig

The A.V. Club   “What’s more, the Russos understand, as Joss Whedon does, that the Marvel universe is really just one big dysfunctional family—an extended ensemble of big personalities, trading as many barbs as blows.  To that end, the best scenes in their superlative blockbuster are the ones that rely on the rapport between Cap and his cohorts—especially Johansson’s affable agent, who steals a strategic smooch during one of the film’s most playful passages. Chemistry this marvelous never goes out of fashion.” A.A. Dowd

The Washington Post“A baggy, at times brutal conglomeration of surprisingly deep character development and aggressively percussive action, “The Winter Soldier” is a comic-book movie only in its provenance. (The character was created by Marvel back in 1941.) In its relentless violence and dark political subtext, this might be the most grown-up Avengers episode yet.”   Ann Hornaday

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens tomorrow at a theater near you! Will you watch?

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