‘Dawson’s Creek’ Creator Kevin Williamson On How Joey Almost Ended Up With Dawson

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For the uninitiated, Dawson’s Creek was one of the most addictively popular television series of the late ’90s. A coming of age story devoid of both the soap opera-y excess of its much more affluent predecessor  90210, as well as the supernatural storylines prevalent in many of its successors. No opulence, no vampires just an extravagantly verbose vocabulary and good ol’ fashion teenage angst. Most of that angst of course centered around who Joey Potter would ultimately end up with: soulmate Dawson or true love Pacey.

Series creator Kevin Williamson talked to EW about writing the final episode and deciding who Joey really belonged with (spoiler alert: the answer was almost no one).

Here are 3 things we learned from his interview:

Why Jen Lindey had to die: “I looked around at all the characters and said, “Who can it be?” I wanted to tell the story through Jen. She always felt like the outsider, the misfit. She was always the person who didn’t feel like she fit in. And I thought what a beautiful way to let her be the catalyst for everyone’s turning events.”

If Williamson hadn’t signed up for the finale, Joey Potter probably would have ended up in Paris… alone: “Warner Bros. called Greg Berlanti up knowing we were friends and said, ‘See if you can talk Kevin into doing the finale.’ I went to lunch with Jordan [Levin], president of The WB, and they had the conceit: Why don’t we do five years in the future? They were like, ‘Let’s push ahead and show how everyone ended up.’ I thought about it, and I went, ‘Okay. That frees me up. That allows me to tell a new story.'”

Hmm, how would Joey Potter spend her time “On Her Own” in Paris?

Williamson had planned to end the series with Dawson and Joey together:  “When I first wrote it, I was absolutely convinced it had to end with Dawson and Joey together. It was a two-hour finale, and when I wrote the second hour, that’s where I was headed. I wasn’t able to sleep, something was rubbing me the wrong way. To me, Dawson and Joey are soul mates. And then I kept thinking, one thing I’ve learned in my life is that my soul mate isn’t necessarily my romantic love. So I was trying to put that in place with Dawson and Joey professing their forever to each other. And then we revealed that she chose her romantic love, which was Pacey.”

C’mon, it had to be Pacey. The man bought Joey a wall! Well, okay, not bought. Rented.

Who do you think Joey should have ended up with? Dawson or Pacey?

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