This Might Just Be The Best Version Of ‘Twilight’ Ever — WATCH

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Warning: This video may change the way you see Twilight forever.

The masters of hilarious non-sequitur dialogue are back to inject a bit of comedy into the Twilight franchise. The popular YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading released their latest video: Twilight III —A Bad Lip Reading of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse and it is absurdly funny. Bad Lip Reading’s version of Eclipse provides with us many new interesting insights into the popular series. For instance, Edward Cullen doesn’t speak French and Jacob has jeggings for his pelican. Who knew? We also learn the answer to a very important question: Can you train a pig to harm your grandparents?

Watch below!

Wow. Hopefully Edward Cullen’s catchy new single “Dragons are Great in Several Ways” will be released on iTunes in the very near future.

If you missed Bad Lip Reading’s original Twilight video, you can find it here!

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