Tina Fey Confirms ‘Mean Girls’ Musical Is Still In The Works

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UPDATE (3/9/16): Good news: Fey recently revealed that the plot of the musical is “close to finished.” Bad news: She also said she’s not planning to reprise her role in the stage production or ask the original cast to make an appearance.

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Today is the historic 10 year anniversary of the classic Lindsay Lohan film, Mean Girls. Can you believe it’s been 10 whole years since we first heard the name Glen Coco? 3,652 days since Gretchen attempted to make “fetch” happen? Where does the time go?

Since our numerous attempts at declaring the anniversary a national holiday proved unsuccessful, we present you with the next best gift to help celebrate this momentous occasion: A Mean Girls musical update! While reminiscing about the popular 2004 film for a New York Times mini oral history, Mean Girls scribe Tina Fey revealed that the musical is still very much happening.

“It’s early in the process for the musical. We’ve been enjoying trying to write,” Fey said. “I wish so badly we could have had it done in some form for the 10th anniversary, but hopefully before the 15th.”

Deep breaths, Mean Girl fanatics; a musical is on the way.

In the meantime, don’t sweat it, Tina Fey. In the immortal words of  mathlete/rapper Kevin G:

“Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang.”


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