Someone Discovered A Secret Code Hidden In Disney Movies

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The fervent community of cinematic detectives have solved their latest case! An intrepid fan discovered a secret code hidden in a surprisingly large number of your favorite Disney and Pixar films. From the enjoyable yet evidently mysterious Toy Story to the sentimental favorite Up, a slew of films, too many to be considered a coincidence, contain the code A113.

The plate on Andy's mom's car in Toy Story.




While the enigmatic A113 code can also be found in Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, and Wall-E among others, it’s not just limited to the silver screen.



¡Ay, caramba!

So what exactly does A113 mean? The code reportedly refers to a California Institute of Arts classroom where many animators learned their craft. Many animators working in the industry today were taught graphic design and character animation in the A113 classroom, so including the code is a subtle homage to their old animating stomping grounds.

The next time you watch an animated movie, keep your eyes peeled for the elusive A113!

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