From Neverland to Oz, Where Are Residents Of Storybrooke Headed To Next On ‘Once Upon A Time’?

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They’ve been to Neverland, Oz, and even New York City, so where could the residents of Once Upon A Time’s Storybrooke possibly be headed to next?

According to a just-released trailer, the answer will be revealed during the final minutes of Sunday’s season finale.


We may only have to wait four days to find out the destination, but we can’t help but start speculating right away. Will our favorite fantasy characters make their way to another real city (Los Angeles, perhaps?), or a fictional locale? Your guess is as good as ours!

UPDATE 5/12/14: We have our answer! Looks like they’re headed to Arendelle next and will encounter Queen Elsa. Check out the promo image Once Upon A time posted: 


Let us know in the comments section where you think the residents of Storybrooke are headed! The top most popular suggestions will be featured in a People’s Choice poll on Friday. We’re determined to solve this mystery before the episode airs!

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