This Video Will Change The Way You See ‘Frozen’

Photo Courtesy: Disney
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Photo Courtesy: Disney


Ready for a horror movie inspired re-cut of Frozen that will send chills down your spine? The popularity of parody movie trailers are on the rise, and YouTuber Bobby Burns took full advantage of the craze by creating an ominous alternate trailer to the delightful Disney modern classic. Since a Frozen sequel and much discussed Frozen musical appear to still be more TBA than ASAP, these Frozen re-imaginings are the only way to scratch our Frozen itch without listening to “Let it Go” for the 1,00oth time.

Get ready to see Elsa like you’ve never seen her before, it’s the Frozen horror movie!


Great. Now we’ll never be able to listen to “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” without having a nightmare. How should we calm our nerves? Ah, yes…


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