‘Buffy’s’ James Marsters Understands Why Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Team Angel

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Photo Courtesy: WB

It’s been more than a decade since Buffy The Vampire Slayer wrapped up, but the Angel vs. Spike debate still rages on.

A few months ago, Sarah Michelle Gellar sparked shipper uproar when she revealed that she was definitely Team “ANGEL” (yes, she used all caps), during a Reddit AMA. Case closed, right? WRONG. As fans of Dawson’s Creek can tell you, there are three sides to every love triangle and this one has spikes.

James Marsters, better known as brooding bad boy vampire Spike, recently weighed in on the never-ending debate over which vampire deserves the heart of Ms. Buffy Summers.

“Well, I have to say, I really messed with her a lot, so perhaps there’s more to her choice than just what happened on the show,” Marsters told BuzzFeed. “I grew up as a subversive artist, and you have to be so polite to the lead on a film all the time — whether they’re nice or not — so something about that stuck in my craw and I would, sometimes, lovingly mess with her. It’s mean, but I couldn’t help myself. So, maybe I understand why she said that.”

Fans who wish to see a definitive conclusion —  perhaps in the form of a Buffy reunion — may be out of luck.

“I told Joss that he had seven years to shoot the character after Angel ended because Spike is not supposed to age, and I am,” Marsters said with a chuckle. “Without massive special effects, that ship has probably sailed — and that’s fine with me.”

Where does your allegiance lie? Are you Team Angel or Team Spike?

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