Jimmy Fallon Wins Hilarious Bet With Montreal Canadiens Hockey Team

Image Courtesy Montreal Canadiens Twitter
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Jimmy Fallon makes one tough bet!

The late night TV host and enthusiastic hockey fan made a bet with the Montreal Canadiens—and came out victorious.

The New York Rangers and Canadiens faced each other in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference playoffs final, with the winning team advancing to the Stanley Cup finals. The Canadiens “trolled” Fallon on Twitter, engaging him in a bet.

If the Canadiens won the series, Fallon had to do a monologue while wearing a Montreal jersey. But if the Rangers won, Fallon said the Canadiens would have to change their Twitter avatar to a photo of his choosing, and their mascot Youppi! needed to sport a Rangers jersey in Montreal, tweeting out ten different pictures of him around the city.

The Rangers clinched the series, and the Canadiens kept their word—they changed their Twitter photo to a picture of Rangers goalie Henrick Lundqvist playing guitar, and Youppi! went on a little tour of Montreal!


Now that’s what you call a good friendly competition! Watch Fallon’s monologue discussing the bet below!



The New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings compete for the Stanley Cup starting Wednesday, June 4 at 8 p.m. EST. 


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