Don’t Go To The Beach Without These 10 Things

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As the temperature continues to rise, we can’t help but recall the profound advice of Will Smith: “Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.” Follow Smith’s sage advice this summer and and get yourself to the beach!

How do you increase your aquatic revelry from good to great? By reading this list of the ten things you need for an unforgettable beach experience!
1. Good Tunes

A summer playlist is mandatory for any self-respecting trip to the beach. Not sure what songs to include on your beach mix? No “problem.” We have you covered—download these nine new summer albums!

2. A Jug Of Water

No, not to drink. Once sand is tracked into your house, it takes anywhere from one day to infinity to find its way out. Save yourself the headache by washing off your feet with a jug of water after exiting the beach! You’re welcome.
3. A Good Book

Nothing beats soaking in some rays while immersing yourself in a captivating novel. If you’re in the market for suggestions, Emily Giffin’s new novel The One & Only is topping bestseller lists everywhere, and Simon Rich’s hilarious collection of humorous essays Ant Farm won’t disappoint!
4. Sunscreen

Because without sunscreen you may very well start to resemble our old friend…

5. A Large Beach Towel Or Folding Beach Chair

What’s the alternative? Sitting on the sand LIKE SOME SORT OF WILD ANIMAL?
6. A+ Snacks

Can you visit the beach without snacks? Sure. Should you visit the beach without a healthy hoard of goodies? Never.
7. An Umbrella

Throw shade on your forgetful friends while providing shade for yourself!



8. A Soccer Ball Or Football

Need a seemingly organic way to start a conversation with a neighboring group of attractive beach enthusiasts? Never underestimate the ice breaking abilities of an errant football or soccer ball!

Bocce ball, Frisbees, and cornhole sets are also well-documented crowd-pleasers. Bonus points if you can perform the Karate Kid soccer ball trick.



9. A Shovel And Pail Kit

Think sandcastles are just for kids? Wrong. Sandcastles follow standard board game rules: They are to be enjoyed by anyone between the age of  one to 101.
10. Sunglasses

Because everyone’s just a little bit cooler while wearing sunglasses.


Let us know what items we missed!


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