How To See ‘Harry Potter’ In ‘The Fault In Our Stars,’ A Ryan Gosling ‘Micky Mouse Club’ Video, And More

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Happy Thursday! Work? It can wait! Start your day off on a positive note by clicking through our morning headlines! A Game of Thrones redo, a photo gallery of celebrities hanging out with their body doubles, and a detailed list of how much it would cost to hire your favorite band. Those stories and more in today’s celebrity headlines!

Here are the six stories you need to read today:

1. Harry Potter fans may notice a few subtle Harry Potter items in Hazel’s bedroom while watching The Fault in Our Stars this weekend. Molly Hughes, a set designer who worked on both book-to-film adaptations, revealed the connection. “Hermione’s Time-Turner is hanging on the bedpost and there’s a Triwizard Cup by the shelf, and [Hazel] has all the Harry Potter books,” Hughes said. The Fault in Our Stars opens this Friday. [Bustle]

2. Are you unhappy with the ending of last week’s Game of Thrones? Watch this video that promises to “fix” the Game of Thrones fight. [Vulture]

3. Do you have an extra $750,000 to spend? If so you might be able to hire Coldplay to perform at your party. Take a look at this comprehensive list that speculates roughly how much it costs to hire your favorite band. [22 Words]

4. Get ready for your daily dose of nostalgia! Take a look at this 1990s Mickey Mouse Club video featuring a teenage Ryan Gosling hanging out with a teenage JC Chasez. [US Weekly]

5. Take a stroll down memory lane with the Jenner family! Cosmo posted an adorably awkward slideshow featuring 20 pictures of Kendall and Kylie Jenner through the years! [Cosmo]

6. Double trouble! Take a look at this amazing collection of photos featuring stars like Shailene Woodley and Taylor Lautner hanging out with their body doubles. [BuzzFeed]


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