You’ll Never Believe What Taylor Swift Made For Ed Sheeran

Photo Credit: Lester Cohen/WireImage
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Photo Credit: Lester Cohen/WireImage

If there’s a celebrity friendship cuter than the BFF bond shared between Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, we don’t want to know about it! Swift and Sheeran’s friendship went platinum recently when the “All Too Well” singer displayed her crafty side by presenting Sheeran with an adorable, handmade needlepoint featuring the ubiquitous Drake motto “Started From The Bottom.”


As you can see, the gift also includes the popular internet idiom “The Struggle is Real.”

Agreed. The struggle is very real. Real cute!

This isn’t the first toe Swift has dipped in the tranquil sea of arts and crafts. The singer-songwriter has also been known to make a tasty jam, bake a mean cookie, and dabble in various other artistic pursuits.

Taylor Swift: Renaissance woman!

You can see more of Taylor Swift, as well as a detailed look into the life of Ed Sheeran, in the documentary 9 Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran, which airs tonight at 11p/10c on MTV.


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