From Time Jumps To Character Deaths, Here Are The 10 Biggest Bombshells ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Creator Marlene King Dropped During Her Reddit AMA

Photo Courtesy: ABC Family/Pretty Little Liars
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Photo Courtesy: ABC Family/Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars…the college years? It could actually happen.

During a Reddit AMA yesterday, PLL creator Marlene King revealed that the girls will definitely be moving on from high school.

“There will be a time jump, it may be on the TV show, or the movies we are starting to talk about, but there will be a time jump. We will ‘jump’ to college,” said King.

That wasn’t the only major bombshell King dropped during the chat.

From revelations about “A” to when the series will wrap up, here are the 10 most intriguing things we learned from King’s Q/A:

1. On “A’s” identity:

“This season, characters on the show will learn A’s identity and give a huge clue to the audience.”

2. On whether or not the series endgame will be in line with the books:

“The show always stays true to the characters and the truth of the characters Sarah created in the books, although I have lunch with Sarah as much as I can and we share our endgame stories, we decided a long time ago that it would be best if our endgames were not the same. Although it would be a weird coincidence if they were the same, since I don’t know hers and she doesn’t know mine. Although the books were so successful they may go on past the show.”

3. On whether the series will end:

“I did not plan on dragging it out as long as possible. There is an end in sight. And we will hopefully announce what season that will be soon.”

4. On when the girls will graduate:

“Graduation is coming but it’s not this summer. We have to have a prom before graduation.”

5. On a rumored Ravenswood episode of PLL:

There won’t be a Ravenswood episode in 5A, but Ravenswood will be discussed, and there may be a Ravenswood episode in 5B.

6. On whether or not the identity of the Black Widow will ever be revealed:

“We will DEFINITELY find out who the Black Widow is, and there will be some clues given to the relevancy of the character midway through this summer. I love that character, that’s a great character too.”

7. On who is in Ali’s grave:

“You will find out this season the identity of the Jane Doe in Ali’s grave.”

8. On whether the writers ever look to fans for storyline ideas:

“No one ever intentionally lurks for ideas. But there are times when we see a wave of interest in a certain storyline and we will give it more life, maybe, than we originally planned.”

9. On whether or not she’s considered a spin-off series dedicated to Alison:

“Yes, I have thought of it! Alison: the Missing Years.”

10. On how many characters she plans to kill off this season:

“There’s one significant biting of the dust this season. One call I won’t want to make to an actor. I have to make the calls to tell them they are dead…”

What’s that? You want even more scoops? Ok, consider it done. Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell recently talked to about what’s ahead for their characters this season (including why Spencer is “never really far from the dark side”). Watch the videos below for more insight into what to expect this season of PLL.

Troian Bellisario




Shay Mitchell



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