Watch Harry Styles Try To Charm A Bride-To-Be Into Running Away With Him

Photo Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment
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Photo Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment

Now this is what you call a wedding surprise.

Before bride-to-be Tash Gershfield could be on her way to happily-ever-after, she was forced to reject one more suitor: Harry Styles!

The One Direction member created a video asking the bride-to-be — and big-time One Direction fan — to run away with him.

Who could possibly say no to that, right?

The surprise was orchestrated by none other than Gershfield’s fiance, James, who asked a friend who works with the band to see if Styles would be willing to woo his bride.

“As this video was being played my jaw was on the floor, and all the guests were in shock too,” Gershfield told E! News. “Every single guest was shouting, ‘Go! Go!’ and then the microphone was handed to me…The first thing I said was simply, ‘Can you play that again?'”

During a separate section of the adorable plea, Styles asks Gershfield to meet him at Orli, a popular North London restaurant.

James asked his bride if she wanted to stay or go, and much to the delight of all in attendance, Gershfield chose love over fame. “Of course, knowing it was a little joke, I stayed and everyone cheered.”

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Congratulations to the happy couple!


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