‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Keegan Allen Reveals Which Co-Stars He’s Friends With Off-Set, His Favorite ‘PLL’ Couple, And More

Photo Courtesy: ABC Family
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Photo Courtesy: ABC Family

Secrets, lies, and betrayal; the action continues to intensify this season on Pretty Little Liars!

Before you tune in to tonight’s all new episode, watch PLL star Keegan Allen answer a series of rapid fire questions as he participates in the Q&A sensation that’s sweeping the nation, we’re of course talking about People’s Choice Against the Clock!

What are Allen’s thoughts on a possible PLL movie? Which Pretty Little Liars couple does he ship? Who does he believe to be the funniest PLL cast member? And finally, which actress did Allen reveal to be his celebrity crush? Is it:

A. Jennifer Lawrence

B. Tina Fey

C. Gillian Jacobs

D. Jennifer Lopez

Correct answers will receive a special bonus prize at the end of this post!

Keegan Allen’s Against the Clock starts now*!

* Now = whenever you decide to hit play. No presh.

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Congratulations to those of you who selected Jennifer Lawrence! You win an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's all new Pretty Little Liars courtesy of ABC Family!



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Pretty Little Liars airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family!

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