5 Characters We Need To See In The ‘Boy Meets World’ Spin-Off

Boy Meets World
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Boy Meets World

After 14 long years, our exhausting wait is finally over: Cory and Topanga are back!

Girl Meets World, the much-anticipated Boy Meets World spinoff, debuts tomorrow on the Disney Channel. The series will follow Cory and Topanga’s tween daughter, Riley Matthews, as she navigates well, the world, but more specifically adolescence.

We already know that former Boy Meets World favorites like Shawn, Mr. Feeney, and Minkus will be reprising their roles, but what about the rest of the original cast?

Here are five former Boy Meets World characters we’d like to see make an appearance on Girl Meets World!

1. Griff Hawkins

Portrayed by: Adam Scott

Adam Scott

While school bully and all-around ne’er-do-well Harly Keiner ruled the school with an intimidating iron fist, Griff Hawkins was the enterprising, cool school bully; akin to a slightly more mischievous Ferris Bueller. During his curiously short tenure at John Adams High, Hawkins cemented his rapscallion status by ordering a massage during class and dating Baywatch star Yasmine Bleeth.

What he might be up to now? Probably a very successful car salesman or in jail.

2. Lauren

Portrayed by: Linda Cardellini


Her name may be Lauren but Boy Meets World enthusiasts will always remember her as the girl who DARED to disrupt Cory and Topanga’s inevitable march towards happily ever after by kissing Cory on the school ski trip. Unlike Cardellini’s other ’90s television roles, Lauren was neither a freak nor a geek; she was just a likable girl who fell victim to the whimsical charms of Cory Matthews.



Can you blame her?

What she might be up to now? Pining over Cory in the mountains, obvi.

3. Frankie Stecchino


Portrayed by: Ethan Suplee

Still waters run deep when it comes to Frankie Stecchino. Former school bully turned poet, Frankie was both friend and foe to Cory and Shawn during their adventurous high school career. At one point, for reasons too convoluted to detail here, Cory and Shawn even assisted in helping Frankie reconnect with his father who was, of course, a professional wrestler named Vader. In a plot that tested even the admittedly lax TGIF standards of believability, Cory and Shawn helped Vader score a physical victory against rival wrestler Jake “the Snake” Roberts, and an emotional victory with his son Frankie.

What he might be up to now? Famous poet, moderately successful background extra, or chef.


4. Jonathan Turner

Portrayed by: Anthony Tyler Quinn


Was Mr. Turner the “cool teacher” of John Adams High? He drove a motorcycle and wore sunglasses, so yeah, Mr. Turner was cool. Mr. Turner acted as a mentor towards Cory and Shawn, and later, acted as Shawn’s pseudo-legal guardian when he allowed young Mr. Hunter to move in with him. Mr. Turner was like a father to Shawn, but then he got into a motorcycle accident and Shawn never bothered to talk to him again. Say what you will about Shawn Hunter, the guy takes vehicular safety very seriously.

What he might be up to now? Thanks to Minkus, we at the very least know Mr. Turner’s alive. He’s probably still teaching and palling around with Eli.


5. Eric Matthews

Portrayed by: Will Friedle


Every zany sitcom needs an Eric Matthews (hear that, Will Friedle?!). When Eric was 15 he broke a computer by placing a waffle inside of it. That’s just a recipe for pure, unadulterated comedy. How can little Riley Matthews truly meet the world without proper guidance from her Uncle Eric? She can’t and hopefully won’t need to find out.

What he might be up to now? We think it’s pretty obvious: Good Looking Detective!


Girl Meets World premieres tomorrow night on the Disney Channel.

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