14 Ways The Characters Of Seinfeld Would React To Today’s Pop Culture Events

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In honor of the legendary sitcom Seinfeld turning 25 this month, we explored how Jerry and gang would react to all the latest in pop culture today, which resulted in — surprise, surprise — a collection of animated GIFs.

Here are 14 little nuggets to celebrate one the funniest shows in TV history.

1. Babu disapproves of Justin Bieber’s latest Tweets:

2. George learns Jay Z/Beyoncé tickets just went on sale:

 3. Elaine emphatically reviews 22 Jump Street:

 4. The Soup Nazi stands firmly with the FIFA Disciplinary Committee:

 5. George hops on the pixie bandwagon:

6. Kramer responds to Facebook changing its timeline yet again:  

7. Elaine knows how you feel, Team Gale:

8. George reacts to Portugal’s last-second goal: 

9. Jerry is pretty stoked about Twitter’s decision to finally allow animated gifs:

10. Yet he can’t figure out why the pictures he receives on Snapchat keep disappearing:

11. Elaine and Jerry have intense feelings about Seinfeld turning 25:

12. Elaine reacts to Tyrion in the GOT finale: 

13. Jerry after binge watching OITNB season 2 on Netflix:


14. The gang celebrating their invitation to Kidchella: 

If you can’t get enough Seinfeld (we never can) be sure to tune in to TBS next week for a special Seinfeld marathon celebrating the show’s silver anniversary. They’ll be airing 25 of the funniest episodes, and while we have no idea how they could possibly have narrowed it down, we will certainly be watching to find out.

Authors: Hooshere Bezdikian and Johanna McCabe

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