15 Times You Badly Wanted To Be An Olsen Twin

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Admit it: Growing up, there was nothing you wanted more than to be an Olsen twin. They were so perpetually cool, always had the cutest clothes, and dated the hottest guys. Not to mention, they made you really, really want a twin sister.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were so much more than just your average childhood style icons. You tried to emulate everything they did. Idolizing MK and A wasn’t just a phase that passed once you graduated middle school, it was a way of life.

Having the Olsens as your spirit animal meant that not only could you recite the words to all their movies (we’re talking everything from Billboard Dad to When In Rome), but you also held an annual membership to their fan club and owned every shade of glittery eye shadow offered by their makeup line.

It’s hard to narrow it down to just 15 times your jealously for the Olsen twins was off the charts, but it had to be done.

Here are 15 things about the Olsens that probably definitely made you jealous:

15. They always had the hottest boyfriends in their movies


14. Their cool flippy hairstyle

You tried to get yours to look like that every day, but sadly it just wasn’t the same.


13. Those sweet one-shoulder backpacks



12. Their lips were always perfectly glossed



 11. They got to ride awesome Vespas everywhere



10. They got to be on a swim team with Troian Bellisario



9. They had matching colored sunglasses

You begged your mom to buy you a pair.


8. That big gooey, messy burger in It Takes Two

Seriously, how good did that thing always look?


7. Their chic plaid pants from Winning London



6. Their perpetually perfect beachy waves



5. They had their own magazine

And you had a subscription, naturally.


4. They got to hang out with Uncle Jesse all the time



3. And they got to meet ’90s Britney



2. They actually had their own makeup line




1. And finally, they got to star in the best Halloween movie of all time


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