‘Pretty Little Liars’ Look Back: Best Twist? Strongest Storyline? Nominate Your Favorite Moments To Celebrate The 100th Episode!

Photo Courtesy: ABC Family
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Photo Courtesy: ABC Family

The Vampire Diaries and Glee have already celebrated their 100th episodes this year, now it’s time for Pretty Little Liars to do the same.

The series crosses its 100th episode mark tomorrow — and we’ve got a feeling big things are coming. After all, PLL is known for dropping bombshells left and right, just take a look back at the past 99 episodes! No, really, we want you to take a look back the past 99 episodes…

To ring in this major series milestone, we’re asking you to share your favorite PLL moments with us. Which twist inspired the biggest living room freakout? Which couple made you swoon? Which long-gone character do you still miss? We’ve got a host of questions for you below. The aim? To find out whether or not your favorite moments line up with the rest of the fandom.

Check it out:

The Pretty Little Liars 100

What was your favorite twist?

The most romantic moment?

Best “A”- related reveal?

Which character death surprised you the most?

Your favorite episode so far?

Strongest storyline?

Best season so far?

Most memorable style moment?

Which of the Halloween episodes was your favorite?

Which character grew on you the most?

Your favorite PLL Twitter hashtag?

Favorite reoccurring character?

The most suspenseful finale?


Tell us in the comments!

The 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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