Watch These Real Housewives Reveal Which Housewife From A Different City They Would Add To Their Cast

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What makes a Real Housewives cast worth watching? As with any group of friends, you need the right balance of personalities and a whole lot of chemistry — which is harder to achieve than it sounds.

Sometimes a Real Housewives cast has too many big personalities, or God forbid, too many wallflowers, meaning there’s not enough drama for viewers to feast on.

So imagine if you could shake Bravo’s franchise to the core, and pluck one Housewife from another city, and drop her into a different cast? Pandemonium would likely follow—but in the very best way possible. Come on, imagine Bethenny Frankel on a cast like OC!? Vicki would lose it! Or Nene Leakes on New York or Miami? Ramona Singer would be beyond ramontional, and Lea Black wouldn’t even know what hit her!

We talked to some of the ladies — all from different franchises — at the NBCU Upfronts earlier this year, and asked the all-important question: “If you could choose one Housewife from a different franchise to add to your cast, who would you pick?”

The answers will not only shock you, but also make you kind of, sort of wish Andy Cohen would actually make it happen.

Watch below to find out who they would pick:


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If you could add a Housewife to another cast, who would you pick? 

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