Disney Is Bringing ‘Dumbo’ To Life; 5 More Disney Films That Deserve Live-Action Adaptations

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Great news for flying elephants struggling to break into the entertainment industry: Disney is developing a live-action Dumbo movie!

Fresh off the box office success of Angelina Jolie’s Sleeping Beauty spinoff Maleficient, Dumbo joins Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast as the latest animated film to be brought to life.

First Sleeping Beauty and now Dumbo, let’s take a look at a few more Disney classics that deserve the live-action adaptation treatment!

Here are 5 more Disney films we feel deserve a live-action adaptation!

1. Frozen


No surprise here. If the excitement surrounding Once Upon a Time’s recent Frozen casting announcement is any indication, a live-action version for the big-screen would be a huge success — and could possibly even rival the record-breaking sales of the animated film.


2. The Little Mermaid


*Phone call to Rachel McAdams’ and Ryan Gosling’s agent*

Good afternoon! Are you sitting down? We know that your clients are great admirers of classic love stories set on or near water, but we have one question: How do they feel about mermaids?

3. Up


“That’s right, I said no special effects. Zero. Get me 100,000 balloons! Pronto!”

4. Aladdin


This Disney classic was already adapted into a successful Broadway musical, so it stands to reason that a live-action film would open up a whole new world of possibilities!

5. The Incredibles


Hmm. Do you think anyone would be interested in watching a live-action film about humans with superpowers? Nah. Probably not.

Which animated Disney film would you like to see receive the live-action adaptation treatment?

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