9 Country Stars Reveal The One Song They Know All The Words To

Photo Credit: Mike Windle/ACMA2013 Getty Images Entertainment
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There are few summertime activities more relaxing than jumping in your car, rolling the windows down, turning the volume up, and just driving. Hot weather and cool tunes combine to create the perfect summertime excuse to belt out a few of your favorite songs like nobody’s listening.

But what if someone is listening?

Which songs do you actually know all the words to? That’s the question we posed to a number of our favorite country stars at the CMT Awards earlier this year, and a few of their answers may surprise you. One country star can recite every single lyric to Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” while another admits that he, like most of us, just makes up his own words as he goes along.

Who’s the mystery lyrical menace? Let’s find out!

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Since Miranda Lambert seems to be the "Automatic" choice for favorite summer sing-along artist, we'll save you the trip to YouTube by posting her immensely catchy single "Automatic" below!


Which songs will you be singing along to this summer?

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