An Excerpt From The New ‘Divergent’ Book, Lucy Hale’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Crush, And More

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Happy Friday! Start your weekend early by clicking through our morning headlines! Lucy Hale’s newest single may be a bit autobiographical, go behind-the-scenes of Jessica Simpson’s wedding, and a music legend joins The Voice. Those stories and more in today’s morning headlines!

1. Great news, Divergent fans! You can read an exclusive excerpt from Four, the latest installment of the Divergent series, over on Cosmo. [Cosmo]

2. Lucy Hale’s latest single, “Lie a Little Better,” was apparently inspired by a crush she had had on someone she used to work with on Pretty Little Liars. “In life, in general I’m not one to fall to pieces over a guy or give up anything; I’m very headstrong. I’m very focused on what I do and very independent, but there was this certain guy that I was acting like an idiot around,” Hale said. “I was fumbling over my words, I was stuttering, I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t look him in the eye. I was just crushing so hard on him.” [MTV]

3. Here comes the bride! Jessica Simpson got married over the weekend and now you can watch her get ready to walk down the aisle. []


4. Cheer up, Clone Club. Though Orphan Black didn’t snag an Emmy nom this morning (boo!), it did get renewed for another season. [Variety]

5. Prepare for less Glee.The final run of the series has been cut down from 22 episodes to 13.  [Hollywood Reporter]

6. Stevie Nicks is heading to The Voice! Nicks will appear as an adviser for the upcoming seventh season. The Voice returns September 22 on NBC. [CNN]


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