15 Worst TV/Movie Cliches (According To Reddit)

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The Reddit community is at it again!

The website that strives to make your lunch break 25% more interesting has created an entertaining thread detailing some of the very best television and movie cliches. From chatty supervillains to inconsiderate phone etiquette, let’s take a look at 15 of the worst TV and movie cliches that drive the Reddit community insane!

1. “Crime procedurals where an off-topic conversation with a random secondary character makes one of the detectives realize what he needs to solve the crime.”

This is one of our favorite television procedural cliches. We just wished it actually happened in real life. Back when… wait… “random secondary character?” We just realized who stole the office toaster! Be right back.

2. “Phone conversations never end with someone saying ‘goodbye.”‘


3. “Delaying the murder of the hero, while explaining entire evil mastermind plan.”

As intrepid Reddit user named mr_popcorn points out, “Rule number one in villainy: don’t get caught monologuing.”

4. ” I can’t stand that 8-14 year old kid who gives the main character really deep and down to earth advice like, ‘She’s your soul mate right? Go after her!””

But are you okay with a 16-year-old dispensing medical advice?


5. “Passing out or being knocked unconscious for hours on end by a punch.”

True. But we also have the polar opposite of this cliche…


6. “On TV or the movies the EKG monitor goes Flatline and they immediately shock with the paddles.”

A Reddit user by the name of smurfe details why this is incorrect.

“You do not do this. In fact, when you shock you make the heart flatline (stop the heart) in hopes that the natural pacemaker in the heart will re-group and start firing in a normal manner. Also the loud thump sound you hear when they fire the defibrillator and shock. You make hear a “click” sound but that’s about it.”

7. “Pretty girl + glasses + frumpy clothes = Nerd.”

Laney Boggs was not a nerd! She was a unique artist.


8. “Any person waking-up from a nightmare will bolt upright.”

Easy fix: Just don’t have nightmares! Allow us to present to you an illustrated guide on how to have a proper dream.


9. “A man will show no pain while taking the most ferocious beating, but will wince when a woman tries to clean his wounds.”

In the entertainment industry’s defense, rubbing alcohol does pack a nasty sting.

10. “In movies, everyone types 250 WPM and never ever uses a mouse.”

We can dothat too as long as wee don”t pause eVery time we make a mistake!

11. “Young 20-something year-old with a low paying job in New York? Let’s have that character live in a giant apartment right in the middle of Manhattan.”

“So no one told you life was gonna be this wayyyyy…”


12. “It does not matter if you are heavily outnumbered in a fight involving martial arts–your enemies will wait patiently to attack you one by one by dancing around in a threatening manner until you have knocked out their cohorts.”

13. “Whenever someone is in a hurry to get away, the car struggles to start.”

Easy fix: Purchase better automobiles, movie characters!

14. “When the ‘science-guy’ is explaining something to the main character using complicated technical-sounding terms, the first response is always some variation of ‘English, please?'”

One of our favorite examples of this cliche can be found in the movie Back to the Future II:

Doc Brown: Obviously the time continuum has been disrupted, creating a new temporal event sequence resulting in this alternate reality.

Marty: English, Doc!

15. “Walking away from an explosion and not looking back.”


Why don’t cool guys look at explosions? Andy Samberg explains it all.


What’s your favorite example of a television or movie cliche?


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