3 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need To Watch Chrissy Teigen’s New Show ‘Snack-Off’

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Your newest TV guilty pleasure is here: MTV’s Snack Off is original, wildly entertaining, and very, very funny.

The new cooking competition show from Rob Dyrdeck is unlike any cooking show you’ve ever seen before. Amateur chefs battle it out to make unique dishes inspired by snacks like jellybeans and potato chips.

Host Eddie Huang guides the contestants through each week’s challenge, and model and food blogger Chrissy Teigen, comedian Yassir Lester, and master chef Jason Quinn are judges.

Three reasons why you should never miss an episode:
1. Chrissy Teigen
This really needs no further elaboration, but judging Snack-Off is Chrissy’s finest moment. She got the gig after hosting a series of #SnackChats on Twitter, where she encouraged followers to dream up elaborate super snacks. Rob Dyrdeck saw her tweets, and knew she had to be part of the show!


2. It’s Hilarious
12/10/13 Snackoff Episodic
Who knew that watching contestants compete for a golden spork could be so funny? (They also win a cash prize and their recipe featured in a Snack-Off cookbook!) When you’re dreaming up a recipe based entirely around potato chips, you’re guaranteed to have a few comical moments.


3. The Food Is Unreal
This is a much-watch for all true foodies and anyone who has ever gotten a case of the munchies. The amateur chefs have to make entire dishes out of gluttonous foods like fish sticks, canned oysters, whipped cream, and French fries, and turn them into something incredible—and they do it. Of course some imaginative dishes turn out to be a flop, but the ones that are successful are quite the slam-dunk.

Watch Snack-Off on MTV Thursday at 10:30 pm EST.

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