Lucy Hale On Sharing Her New Album With ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Co-Stars: ‘I’m Shy About My Music’

Lucy Hale
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When contemplating the many adjectives you could use to describe Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale “shy” doesn’t really come to mind. When Hale isn’t busy entertaining throngs of PLL fans as Aria Montgomery, she’s crossing over into the musical world with her debut album “Road Between.”

But what do Hale’s Pretty Little Liars co-stars think about her burgeoning music career? Surprisingly, they may not have an opinion. When we caught up with Hale at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year, she revealed that she hadn’t yet shared her music with her co-stars.

“I’m sort of shy about my music,” said Hale, who also told us who she wants to collaborate with. “So none of them have even heard any of it yet.”


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While Hale may be reluctant to share her music with her co-stars, she's much more open when it comes to her fans. Though she's best known for her role on PLL, the actress hopes the album will introduce fans to Lucy.

"A lot of people know me from the acting side of my career, which is great," said Hale. "They followed me over into another avenue of my career which is awesome."

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Lucy Hale's "Road Between" is available now!

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