9 Facts That Are Imperative To Know If You Call Yourself A TV Fan

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Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Is it autumn yet!? Even though the upcoming television season may still be over a month away, fall TV scoops and spoilers were a popular topic of conversation at Comic-Con 2014!

From hilarious, self-referential videos brought to you by the cast of The Vampire Diaries to some truly supernatural scoop regarding a certain CW series’ upcoming musical 200th episode, Comic-Con 2014 provided fans with a variety of exclusive information and original content.

Here are 9 television scoops from Comic-Con 2014:

1. The Vampire Diaries

Comic-Con provided a bevy of laughs for fans of the Vampire Diaries. Take a look at this hilarious video featuring Kat Graham, Ian Somerhalder, and the rest of the cast that premiered at this year’s Comic-Con.

Kat Graham: Did we just get written off?

Ian Somerhalder: Nuh-uh. I’ve been cut off a TV show before and this is not how they do it.


2. Once Upon a Time

The Once Upon a Time panel debuted a season four preview featuring a scene between Frozen’s Anna and Elsa. The clip reportedly featured Anna and Elsa visiting their parents’ graves.

Elsa: Anna, they would be so proud of you.

Anna: Both of us.

Elsa then reveals she has a wedding surprise for her sister.


3. Castle

“How much longer can we make people wait for a wedding?” That was just one of the questions Castle star Nathan Fillion pondered during his TVLine Q&A.


4. The Originals

During the Originals panel, producers revealed that season two is all about the Mikaelson family reuniting and causing a ton of trouble.

“Your mom and your dad want to destroy you so if you’re already crazy and you’re completely losing your humanity,” executive producer Michael Narducci explains, “then things are going to start to implode.”


5. Game of Thrones

It was just like the first day of school over at the Game of Thrones panel! The HBO series announced the new season 5 cast members during Comic-Con.

Meet the newbies below by watching their adorable introduction video!


6. The Big Bang Theory

Comic Con’s Big Bang Theory panel provided fans with an unbelievable morsel of Star Wars trivia: The BBT episode in which James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher guest-starred was the first time the former co-stars EVER MET.


7. True Blood

Is there hope for Bill and Sookie? “They’re in each other’s spheres for sure,” co-executive producer Brian Buckner said. “I certainly felt coming into it that we had to go back to Bill and Sookie. How we come back to them, I’m not telling you.”


8. Grimm

What can you expect from season four of Grimm? Actor David Giuntoli, who portrays Nick Burkhardt, discussed losing his powers on Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding day. “Trubel is now my seeing-eye Grimm,” Giuntoli said. “I would hope I get the powers back on some level, but domestic life is much easier when I’m not having to kill monsters.”


9. Supernatural

Figuring out how to rescue Demon Dean will be a main focus of season 10. Supernatural fans were also treated to a preview of the upcoming season that featured an “intense conflict” between Sam and Demon Dean.

As for the highly anticipated 200th episode? Executive Producer Jeremy Carver described it as “musical-ish.” “It’s very much what we consider to be Supernatural’s own love letter to the fans.”


Which returning series are you most excited to watch?

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