Nina Dobrev Just Wants A Steady Boyfriend, You Guys

Photo Credit: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment
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Photo Credit: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment

She may be dating five different dudes, but all Nina Dobrev really wants is a steady boyfriend.

The Vampire Diaries star, who recently took to WhoSay to address rumors about her love life, told HuffPoLive yesterday that it’s “annoying” to deal with gossip about who she is or isn’t dating.

“I laugh at it at this point,” said Dobrev, who is set to star in the upcoming comedy Let’s Be Cops. “Honestly, I need to get, like, a steady boyfriend so that people can stop speculating.”

The actress added that she’s constantly hearing from girlfriends who want to know whether there’s any truth to the rumors.

“When you start getting text messages from your friend with a link to something and they’ll be like, ‘Oh my God, are you really dating this person?’ And I’ll be like, ‘Yeah, I talked to them last night for a second,’ or ‘Yeah, I saw them at this party.’ And especially after Comic-Con, apparently I was ‘dating’ like 10 people,” she said. “So I had a real busy weekend!”

Hey, at least it was more interesting than ours!



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