‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Is Headed To Bollywood! Meet The Indian Actors Who Would Be Perfect As Hazel And Augustus

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Get ready to have your heartbroken in an entirely different language!

The Fault in Our Stars, John Green’s bestselling YA novel about two teens with cancer who fall in love, is getting another big-screen adaptation — this time in Bollywood.

The American adaptation of the novel, which was released earlier this summer and stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort in the title roles, raked in an impressive $263 million worldwide, so it’s not surprising that the Indian film industry — which is known for producing numerous romantic films each year — wants to recreate that success.

The story resonates with the emotions of today’s youth and has found universal appeal,” Fox Star Studios CEO Vijay Singh told the Times of India. “We are excited to adapt the film for Bollywood and can’t wait to get started.”

But who could possibly take the place of Shailene and Ansel? While the Bollywood version of the film has yet to be cast, we couldn’t help but come up with our own suggestions of Indian actors who would be perfect for the leading roles.

Ranbir Kapoor as Augustus Waters

While he’s technically a little too old to play dreamy Augustus Waters (Ranbir is 31, while the character is supposed to be 17), few Bollywood actors have been able to capture the bad-boy-meets-boyish-charm persona as well as Ranbir. Also, the guy knows how to wear a leather jacket.

Alia Bhatt as Hazel Grace


At first glance, Alia Bhatt doesn’t seem like she’d be a good fit for jaded Hazel Grace. (Just look at the picture, the girl exudes peppiness even when she’s not smiling.) But as one of Bollywood’s most promising up-and-coming actresses, we think she’s got what it takes to morph into the role. Also, Bhatt knows how to turn on the waterworks — and we all know FIOS requires some serious crying.

Need a little help picturing them in character? Watch the official Fault in Our Stars trailer again below and let your imagination take it from there.



Which Indian actors would you cast to play Hazel and Augustus in the Bollywood version of The Fault in Our Stars?

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