6 Babies Who Have Priceless Reactions To Music

Katy Perry in "Dark Horse"
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Katy Perry in “Dark Horse”

Why are babies so cute?

They are the select few that get away with screaming uncontrollably in public, having a complete and utter lack of control over any and all saliva functions, and throwing food or any other object that’s handed to them with total disregard of any generosity — and yet we just can’t help but pinch their adorable little cheeks.

Although they can’t talk and haven’t mastered nearly enough balance to even stand, babies somehow tend to have more outwardly joyous and totally delightful reactions to their favorite songs than most teens or adults.

By now, we assume you’ve seen the hilarious and infinitely pleasing video of a baby in a car seat reacting to Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse.” While most of Perry’s songs are directly targeted at young humans, we do think “Dark Horse” is an interesting choice for this young Katy Kat. We would have guessed she would have picked the empowering “Roar” or happy-go-lucky “Birthday” as her top choice. But then again she can’t read or speak, so I guess lyrics are negligible at this point.

But remember, one baby’s Katy Perry is another baby’s Notorious B.I.G. If pop music isn’t your child’s thing, try a little old school hip hop to calm them down. Breaking out your old Biggie records will give you something to bond over when you’re up at 3 a.m. dealing with a very rude 10-month-old.

Regardless of the song, babies have totally hilarious and heartwarming reactions to all types of music. Whether you’re singing, playing the guitar, or cranking up the radio, your little guy or gal has that one song that makes them say, “Oh yeah.”


Check out these six babes’ priceless reactions to their favorite songs. 

1. “Dark Horse,” by Katy Perry


The look says it all, “OMG this is my song!”

2. Notorious B.I.G. calms baby


When your baby is whaling uncontrollably, sing him or her a little “Hush Little Baby” Notorious B.I.G. to get them to calm down. The moment will also serve as a great hip-hop history session for your little one.

3. “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” Beyoncé


This is more of a “how-to” video for anyone aspiring to dance like Queen B. Things really get going for this baby when he gets that right leg shakin’.

4. Baby cries after hearing mom sing


Okay, stop it! Grab a tissue before you watch this one. This mother and son bond is stronger than Bey’s thighs in the previous video.

5. Baby wakes up for Psy song


We’ve all been there. Riding in the car with your family in a car listening to Lite FM can be a total snooze fest until a little K-pop comes on!

6. Twins dance for daddy


More proof that twins telepathically communicate. Look at that adorable identical dance!


Do you have a favorite moment with a special baby in your life? Tell us about it in the comments!

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