Here’s What Happened When Ariana Grande’s Brother Revealed His True Identity On ‘Big Brother’

Photo Credit: CBS/Big Brother
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Photo Credit: CBS/Big Brother

The big secret has finally been revealed on CBS’s Big Brother 16!

After weeks of cunning deception, Frankie J. Grande finally revealed his identity to his housemates:

Frankie J. Grande is Batman.

Just kidding. The 31-year-old informed his housemates that he is the brother of superstar actress/performer/one less problem haver Ariana Grande.

“I have been lying to all of you the entire game,” Frankie J. told his roommates. “I’m not who I said I was. I was on Broadway, three years ago. Since then I’ve become a YouTube personality and social media mogul. My name is Frankie J. Grande and my sister’s Ariana Grande.”

Many of Frankie J.’s roommates were completely dumbfounded by Frankie J.’s revelation and reacted with a combination of shock and feigned outrage, while others were more enticed about the possibility of meeting Ariana and, of course, Frankie J’s relationship with Justin Bieber.

Frankie J. admitted it was difficult to keep his secret after the recent death of his grandfather.

“I have been hiding this secret every day and it has been eating my soul away.”

Watch all the Big Brother drama unfold (and see some of Frankie J.’s Ariana-inspired dance moves) below!


Will Frankie J.’s honesty help or hurt the YouTube personality and social media mogul capture the half a million dollar prize? One particular admirer of Frankie J. believes his declaration of honesty will help his chances for success.

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