Daniel Radcliffe Isn’t A Fan Of His Work In ‘Harry Potter,’ Says He’s Glad Hermione Didn’t End Up With Harry

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Daniel Radcliffe, please cut yourself some slack!

The Harry Potter star can’t stop critiquing his performance in the popular franchise.

Radcliffe, who’s sounded off in the past about playing the young wizard, recently admitted to the Daily Mail that he’s not a fan of his work in the early Potter films.

“Doing Potter was an incredible blessing because it gave me this opportunity to start a fantastic career,” Radcliffe told the Daily Mail. “But then the moments I’m not as proud of, mistakes other actors get to make in rehearsal rooms or at drama school, are all on film for everyone to see.”

Radcliffe described his performance in the first couple of movies as “very one-note,” and said that he got “complacent” and that what he was trying to do “just didn’t come across.”

Ouch! Not surprisingly, the actor doesn’t enjoy watching his own films.

‘I think it comes from not actually realizing I didn’t have to go to my own premieres and watch the film – that’s something I’ve only just realizing you don’t have to do. I always went along and sat with everyone else watching the movie,” said Radcliffe. “And that’s why it’s hard to watch a film like Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, because I’m just not very good in it. I hate it.”

Don’t worry though. There’s at least one Potter film Radcliffe doesn’t mind watching.

“My best film is the fifth one (Order Of The Phoenix) because I can see a progression,” he said.

That wasn’t the only touchy Harry Potter topic Radcliffe weighed in on during his interview. He also took a stand on the great Harry-Hermione—Ron debate.

While Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and star Emma Watson both recently said that Hermione should have ended up with Harry, Radcliffe is happy she ended up with Ron.

“I’m glad it ended like that,” said Radcliffe. “If Harry and Hermione had ended up together it would have been too conventional and it’s far better to be unorthodox.’

Plus, he added: “I did get to kiss Emma, so all is good.”


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